Band of Brothers : l'Enfer du Pacifique - Intégrale

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Sortie le : 02/11/2010

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Langues : Anglais 5.1 DTS HD Master Audio


# "Historical Backgrounds" - the five-minute prologues that set the stage for each episode and additional historical footage narrated by Tom Hanks.
# "Making The Pacific" - go behind the scenes and take an inside look at the making of this epic, 10-part miniseries.
# "Profiles of The Pacific" - delve into the lives of the real Marines featured in The Pacific. Get a personal perspective on their families, their war experience and their lives after the war in these intimate portraits.
# "Anatomy of The Pacific War" - explore the historical influences and cultural perceptions that led to the merciless brutality in the Pacific theater of World War II.
# "The Pacific Enhanced Viewing" - the ultimate viewing companion to The Pacific. Learn more about the Marines and gain a deeper historical understanding of the battles while watching the miniseries with Enhanced Viewing, a 10-part, 10-hour, picture-in-picture experience. Exclusive content includes interviews with historians and veterans, archival footage, maps and more.
# "The Pacific Field Guide" - allows viewers to navigate through the major events featured in The Pacific in this standalone, interactive Field Guide. Search within for categories to view exclusive content including animated maps, extensive interviews with historians and veterans, historical footage, photographs and more.

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